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Project, Process and Team Management

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises


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Plan, organize and track even the most complex projects and processes. Track progress and see who is doing what. Manage any workflow or process, use any of the different views (Kanban, timeline, graphs, etc.) to view the status of your projects.

Aiming to generate value for its customers, A.A.Figueiredo has a partnership with, a company specialized in the development of Work OS, to develop the systematization of projects, processes and teams management, for our clients.

Our services include the complete mapping of internal processes, alignment of activities, definition of those responsible, modeling, systematization of projects and processes, application of training and usage monitoring.

Main areas covered by our services:

  • Technology Companies

  • Industries, Manufactures and Logistics

  • Financial Institution

  • Insurance Companies and Brokers

  • Service Providers

  • Retail and Vehicle Dealerships Certified Partner Badges
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Our services involve the following activities.


We carry out a complete diagnosis of the company's current structure and suggest adaptations.


We train the team on the best practices for using the system for  Project and Process Management .

Ideation Process

We carry out the entire Ideation Process for Process and Project Management.


After the implementation process, we monitor the development of activities. 

Implementation of Boards

We perform User Registration, Implementation of Boards, Automations, Settings, etc.. 


We provide mentoring and advisory activities to maintain the level of team engagement. 

What is

A fantastic Project, Process and Team Management tool, which allows the follow-up and monitoring of activities. It is a Work OS, it means, a visual platform that manages everything.

Highly customizable for any Workflow

Customize Boards to fit your business workflow. Plan, report and manage your projects visually in multi-frame views and stay in control of your operation.


Collaborate Efficiently allows teams to work on a shared platform and overcome communication barriers, moving projects forward and keeping everyone in the loop. The goal is to efficiently collaborate with all stakeholders across the organization to have a clear view of work and keep track of what is being accomplished with easy-to-use, real-time automations and notifications.


Critical Path Visualization

Managing a project can be a constant juggling of multiple tasks. There are always twists and turns that can divert a project from its path. One of the most important aspects of your projects is keeping track of your timeline.
Having a visual tool to easily figure out project duration allows your team to be more aware and therefore more efficient. That's why we're excited to introduce our new Gantt Chart critical path feature!

Baseline Visualization

Managing projects is nothing short of a challenge! Since all projects have some kind of deadline, it's critical to finish the project on time and hit every deadline along the way.

Get a clearer perspective of your project's path with the Gantt Baseline feature by taking snapshots to keep an eye on where your project is at all times.


Workload Visualization

Manage all your resources efficiently and save time, avoiding rework, leaving your team with more time to get the job done. Resource management is the process of planning the use of your resources and scheduling their allocation. allows you to monitor your Team's Workload, providing better allocation and balancing of resources allocated to different projects in the company's portfolio.


A visual tool to manage any project or team is a platform you can plan, organize, and track all of your team’s work in one place. Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, map, form, workload, and main views transform your data so you can see it the way you want to - from colorful and complex to basic and muted.

Put your workflow on autopilot.

With, you can integrate all your tools into an automated workflow. See who's doing what, prioritize tasks, set due dates, and communicate with your team in real time.

See the big picture with high-level panels.

Create and customize your dashboards to get important information and a clear view of your work.

The integration of the entire team on a single platform, with well-defined processes, criteria for approving activities carried out and exchanging files, without using emails, guarantees managers greater assertiveness during the execution of their activities, in addition to bringing significant improvements of communication.

Training about

Be sure to check out our Training about The main objective is to provide technical knowledge so that the participant is prepared to use the system. This training consists of 8 hours of 100% online of live classes. Language: Portuguese or English.

Treinamento sobre o Sistema

Learn more about this fantastic Project, Process and Team Management Tool.

We develop specific training for the Team Process Management , Project Management , Marketing and Sales Management and  Quality Management , based on best market practices. We also apply internal training to the companies, making use of their internal procedures and processes. Access our specific page for training focused on Project Management below.

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