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MSOK Guide 2017 Edition


Número de Páginas: 124 páginas

Formato: Livro Eletrônico (pdf.)

Autor: © 2017 SMstudy®, a brand of VMEdu®, Inc. All rights reserved.

Idioma: Inglês


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Sobre o MSBOK Guide 2017 Edition

1. Introduction

a. Evolution of Sales and Marketing

b. Corporate Strategy and its Relationship to Sales and Marketing

c. Aspects of Sales and Marketing
d. Levels of Sales and Marketing Strategy e. Marketing Strategy Overview

2. Analyze Market Opportunity

a. Determine Strengths and Weaknesses b. Determine Opportunities and Threats

3. Define Competition, Targeting and Positioning

a. Identify Competition
b. Select Target Segments
c. Create Differentiated Positioning

4. Determine Pricing and Distribution Strategies

a. Determine Pricing Strategy
b. Determine Distribution Strategy

5. Determine Metrics, Objectives, Marketing Aspects and Budget Allocation

a. Determine Metrics
b. Determine Objectives
c. Decide Marketing Aspects and Allocate Budget

MSBOK Guide 2017 Edition - Grátis!


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